With a whole lot of life experience later Sara celebrates the diversity of her work. Successfully traversing Art and Fashion.

Sara is renowned for seeking out both the beauty and emotion in all her subjects.She loves to snap this up in her fashion images as much as her raw, gusty documentary portrait work. Somewhere in-between this she glides her way through shooting heartfelt images called 'Life'.

She has worked on major commercial campaigns such as Tourism New Zealand , Max Fashions, Air New Zealand as well as her work being hung on the walls of Te Papa, New Zealand. Sara is constantly working on personal projects and has been involved with many group exhibitions to date.

Born in New Zealand with her parents to thank for the ever-ending diverse life experience, Maori heritage and strong creative female role modelling she finds comfort in photographing the world around her. A Degree in Sociology and Art History provided her with the perfect platform to evolve her vision as a photographer and go beyond the surface. She treats the natural light in her work like a Vermeer painting and searches hard for the narrative in her work.

Clients include: Tourism New Zealand, Air New Zealand, CERA, Max Fashions, Ngai Tahu, Dove, Ministry of Health, Westfield's, Sovereign, Penguin, Gb Ela, Lonely Hearts, Stephen Marr, Lucy and the powder room, Penguin. Spqr, G B Ela, Lela Jacobs, New Zealand royal ballet, TV3, Television New Zealand.

Published in Lurzurs archive, Ad Media

Hung in Leatharn Gallery (Auckland), Coca Gallery (Christchurch), The Keep (Auckland)

Pages in Foam (USA), Vice (Australia), Youth and Freedom (New York), Lady Gunn (New York), Quint (Dubai), Mana (NZ), Remix (NZ), Fallen (Australia), Catalogue (Australia). Fashion Quarterly (NZ), Rip it up (NZ), Remix Magazine ( New Zealand /USA )

Current projects include Te Teko, Gang families, Freedom, Redemption

Her 5x4 also gives her a project a week.